The world sits in shadow waiting for the light but shunning any thought if it.

We once walked in a world of light

But now it is all shadow

We once walked with God side by side

But now he seems so far away.

We once walked and talked as if to a friend

But now it’s filtered and muggy.

His voice we could hear to no end

Now the pages of my Bible I do run to.

Hello there friends. LeaFiore here again. I have been thinking a lot about Christians and apathy. The society of acceptance and tolerance. The idea of you do you and I will do me. Where Gods word is a nice idea but holds no weight. Where people say I love Jesus but make him into who they want him to be and deny who he said he is.

Before the fall we walked with God in a way that was so close and intimate it was as if we were sitting with a friend chatting face to face. The world was full of light and no real darkness covered the earth.

After the fall and the curse came the world was plunged into darkness. Evil roamed in the world and we saw everything skewed.

People have chosen to be god and not man. They have chosen to have knowledge that weighs them down and kills them. They choose to continue to live as if they can bare the weight themselves and they die in their sins like the mortals that they are.

I see the world choose themselves over God over and over and in so many ways. They choose to walk in darkness and call it light. Groping about like they’ve no eyes to see.

They gouge out their own eyes so they can’t find their way and deny the only one that can make them whole again. Just so they can feel better about their sin and act like they are in the right. It makes them angry and Hard.

That is us. The human race. Choosing self over God, people over God, drugs over God, material possessions over God. Saying I am god yet having no power or ability to help themselves. They lead people astray under the assumption that you can find your own god or be your own god. You don’t need a savior you are your savior.

It is so wrong this only leads to death. The farther away from God we go the farther away from reality. From sanity. From light and real love. We can only walk in the light if we are willing to expose ourselves and be seen. We must accept that we are flawed. Sinful. Wretched. Before we could ever accept that we can’t save ourselves and we are no god at all.

Our only hope is Jesus. Our only light and Salvation. We cannot call bad good and good bad for Jesus is truth and truth is what sets us free. But it all starts with the fear of the Lord.

We the church. Those who walk in light need to expose our every inch to the light and give over our sin to do what is right. We need to want to please God more than the world and expose the darkness so that others can see the light within us and not stumble over the dark places we wish to keep hidden but glare in the eyes of those who live around us.

If we want to be like Jesus it means giving up ourselves to be like him. Not holding onto anything as more valuable than him. We need to be bold in speaking his truth without wavering. In loving even in the midst of hatred and not backing down from the truth he has set before us.

Until we acknowledge and agree that Jesus is our boss, our Lord, our savior we walk in the darkness and deserve death as a payment for our love of darkness and sin.

We cannot as Gods beloved sit and hide the hope that we have from those still living in darkness. We must stand up and speak truth stand firm in the word. Search it, know it, treasure it as more precious than anything you have ever loved before.

God must be our plumb line. He must be our hope and we must share that hope with the world. Even at the risk of them rejecting and hating us. Be blessed. Be bold. Be evangelists of the gospel expelling the darkness as you go.

Love you all.


By Take me to Eternity

I am a God fearing mother of two. A wife to a wonderful husband. A crafter of junk. A baker. And anything the LORD puts in my path.

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