God gives us differently…….

Hello there lovelies. LeaFiore here again. I was having a conversation with a friend and it made me think about popping on here just for a short min.

I was reminded while talking that we each have our own paths that God has both led us from and also calls us to. He so beautifully uses where we have come from to give us grace to show others the same kind of grace.

I feel led to and called to discuss topics that many don’t understand the importance of but it is hugely spurred on by where I have come from, things that have stumbled or hurt me in my walk and things that I really hope that I can help others with.

Different people have come from different backgrounds and they have things that spur them on. We really need to remember that we aren’t all supposed to look the same. We are all meant to do the works that God created us to do individually. I am not created to do your work nor you created to do mine.

It’s so important that we remember that and have grace towards others even when we don’t understand why they are so passionate about the things they feel called to do.

We need to realize that people have questions about and have stumbling blocks that are different and what is important to one could seem unimportant to another. If we remember that we can maybe have patience to dig in with others to things that aren’t necessarily of high importance to us may help them immensely in their walk. You never know the impact of just taking time out to learn with a friend. To care about something simply because they care about it. To care less about what you like and more about the joy of fellowship. More times than not you will also get some huge understanding from it. Or at the least God will work on your character through it.

The Bible is inexhaustible so don’t think just because you have studied a subject that you know it to its end. We are learning about God here and cannot forget that it is one building stone at a time as we go and sometimes we study the same subject over and over again and when we learned the last lesson on it God puts another brick down ready for a deeper understanding in the future. When we think we have learned all that there is to learn on a subject its actually quite dangerous and arrogant. Not to change any core beliefs because the foundation stays the same but to build on the one that God already started. To weave his knowledge into our hearts like a banner. A tapestry of immeasurable beauty. I cannot understand myself so deeply that I can stop trying to figure me out the same with any human alive. God is greater and more mysterious than anyone so we can spend eternity trying to gather all the understanding on him and fall short.

We are here to learn from each other. To edify each other and to help each other. If we look at the people around us and realize that we can all learn from the other life would be so much richer.

The church needs to lift up the church. We need to help stoke other peoples fires for the Lord so that we can hold the body accountable and also remind the body of the importance of the head. We need to be stoked also and sometimes what ignites someone else may send a spark to push you in a direction you never would have gone otherwise.

Get out there friends. Talk about Jesus. Share the Gospel. Talk to people who don’t know the Lord and ones who do. Keep Gods word of utmost importance. Do not neglect or compromise truth. Keep the church pure and undefiled and always remember God is the most important. He is the main point of everything.

Love you friends

LeaFiore Tracy

By Take me to Eternity

I am a God fearing mother of two. A wife to a wonderful husband. A crafter of junk. A baker. And anything the LORD puts in my path.

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