• Encourager or Ruiner of things? Maybe it’s the same thing?
    I have been called a lot of things. Some people call me an encourager. Some have called me Barnabas. Some say I ruin everything. Sometimes the same people say both. I came to the realization the other day that I think they go hand in hand. I think I am the encourager but some people don’t want to hear the encouragement or be encouraged in that area so they take it as me ruining things when in fact I am encouraging… Continue reading Encourager or Ruiner of things? Maybe it’s the same thing?
  • Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing part 2 False Apostles and False Prophets.
    Hello again, Welcome to take me to Eternity. I am LeaFiore and this is where we look at what is coming into the church through a biblical lens. Are you ready for our second part? This episode will be on False prophets and false Apostles. Let’s jump right in.  I want to start off with something that I think is important to voice. In Scripture we have requirements for different parts of our governing body in the church. They lay out… Continue reading Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing part 2 False Apostles and False Prophets.
  • Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Part 1 False Teachers.
    Hello there my friends and welcome to Take me to Eternity where I look at what the world says through a biblical lens. We are in a constant battle between flesh and spirit. God teaches us how to live blessed in this fallen world I pray today finds you well and I hope that this edifies you. I am going to do two parts to this. It is long and a lot to take in so I am going to break… Continue reading Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Part 1 False Teachers.
  • The Kundalini, Spirit manifestations in the church.
    Hello, Welcome to Take Me To Eternity where I look at what is coming into the church through a biblical lens. I pray today finds you well. Today I am going to talk about The kundalini, spirit manifestations and occultic practices. In doing that we are also going to be touching on Chakras, meditation and Yoga among other things so strap in we are in for a long ride. There is a lot to say on the subject so let’s jump… Continue reading The Kundalini, Spirit manifestations in the church.
  • What is the NAR? Part 2
    The influences and undergirding ideologies of the NAR. Hello again and welcome back to Take Me To Eternity, this is where I talk about topics in the church and life through a biblical lens. As we struggle between flesh and spirit I pray that I can help you to live blessed in this fallen world. In the first blog post I started a foundation for what the New Apostolic Reformation is. If you haven’t read that one I would suggest starting… Continue reading What is the NAR? Part 2
  • A wider view of why I don’t listen to or Promote Priscilla Shirer.
    Hello there friends, LeaFiore here once again. Today I am going to change the format a bit. I have been wanting to do a series for quite some time on different people whom I believe are dangerous to the body as a whole, yet I have to say I have been sluggish to get started on it. A few years ago I listened to Priscilla Shirer. I loved her dynamic personality and the passion in which she spoke. However there was… Continue reading A wider view of why I don’t listen to or Promote Priscilla Shirer.
  • Love God=Love Truth
  • A look into the NAR and what influences it. Part1
    Hello there my friends, Welcome to Take me to Eternity. We live in a world that battles between flesh and spirit and I want to help you to be encouraged to live blessed in this fallen world. Hopefully I can help you see some of the pitfalls out there and encourage you in how to navigate them. Some of you know my testimony of why I speak out on the things that I do. I really got tripped up by the… Continue reading A look into the NAR and what influences it. Part1
  • One reason I don’t follow Priscilla Shirer…
    Just one of the reasons I don’t listen to Priscilla Shirer. In a video entitled “Expect to hear the voice of God” Shirer says that “at some point in your walk and your maturity you should get a little bit unsettled as you mature in your walk with God, and get tired of only being spoon fed the word of God from someone else to you.” She said that “we should get tired of hand me down revelations.” She said “there… Continue reading One reason I don’t follow Priscilla Shirer…
  • Is Easter pagan? Should Christians Celebrate it?
    Hello my friends, Welcome to Take me to Eternity. As you know, Resurrection day celebrations are coming and of course no one can miss the mass amounts of eggs and bunnies we are seeing. Today we are going to parcel through the question “Should Christians celebrate Easter?” Should we call it Easter or Resurrection day? Does it even matter?  Are rabbits, and chicks and eggs acceptable? I know, I know, another holiday break down from Lea….. Welcome to a place that… Continue reading Is Easter pagan? Should Christians Celebrate it?
  • Will I go to hell if I don’t get baptized?
    Hello there my friends LeaFiore here again. Today the question is: Is baptism necessary for salvation? I am going to look into this and touch on the baptism of the Holy Spirit as well. This is an interesting question and I have heard a lot of back and forth on. I think the Bible is pretty clear on if it is a salvation issue or not. There are problems when we add anything to Jesus’ atoning work on the Cross and… Continue reading Will I go to hell if I don’t get baptized?
  • Baptism Episode drop!!
    Howdy y’all Just coming on to tell you there is a new Podcast episode up!! Is Baptism necessary for salvation? Find it on anchor or any podcasting platform https://anchor.fm/leafiore-tracy/episodes/Do-you-have-to-be-baptized-to-be-saved–Ep–20-e1gcm60 As well as YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Hope y’all enjoy!
  • Fellowship is important.
    We are meant to fellowship. We are meant to be around others. That is how we grow and learn and are shaped. We are meant to be servants and care for and love other people. I really believe that it helps to get us ready for eternity. It sanctifies us and teaches us in ways that are not possible without relationships. We need to be vulnerable with others. To learn from and be encouraged by them. To be rebuked by them… Continue reading Fellowship is important.
  • Occult or Holy? What about this Enneagram?
    Hello there my friends, Today I want to talk to you about this thing that everyone keeps telling me I need to check out called the Enneagram. The question is… is it Holy or is it of the Occult? So in order to define the enneagram I think that is going to take some work. It will be defined as we go in depth but to start this is what the enneagram is….. The Enneagram of Personality, or simply the Enneagram… Continue reading Occult or Holy? What about this Enneagram?
  • God’s Perimeters for Marriage.
    God so graciously gave us standards to live by and that includes for Marriage. Check out the new video drop where I talk about what God says a biblical marriage ought to look like, and why. https://anchor.fm/leafiore-tracy/episodes/How-in-the-world-are-we-supposed-to-know-standards-for-Marriage-e1g1skm
  • Love God, love Truth.
    People in the church are being groomed to accept lies as truth. They are little by little accepting twisted music, twisted movies and tv shows and things that change the gospel and twist truth. They make excuses for it and still promote it knowing there is falsities in it. The church has gone soft. I see things being accepted and excuses that are putting a wedge between who Jesus is and what is acceptable. The more people are desensitized to the… Continue reading Love God, love Truth.
  • What does it mean to quench The Holy Spirit?
    Hey y’all LeaFiore here again. I had someone ask me to do a video to follow my conscience and discernment videos on what it means to quench the Holy Spirit so I figured I would do a blog also. I am going to talk about what it means to grieve the Holy Spirit as well. So here we go….. When we speak of the word quench there is some imagery that goes along with that. I picture a fire put out,… Continue reading What does it mean to quench The Holy Spirit?
  • Parenting…
    Posted by Truthfullyawkward By LeaFiore Tracy Howdy, Today I want to talk to you about parenting……. Are you a parent who feels like you are failing? Do you ever feel like you aren’t equipped or you aren’t enough? Well guess what you are not alone. I am a homeschool mom. I have two daughters 9 and 12. I never thought I could do what I am doing right now. But God……. God had different plans for me and guess what guys?… Continue reading Parenting…
  • Discernment
    Hello friends LeaFiore here again. I just wanted to talk to you a bit about discernment.  In my journey of seeking truth and rejecting lies. In my journey of what is safe and what isn’t I have chucked out a lot of music, teachers and a host of other stuff. I did this because while reading and learning about who God is I yearn to do what is pleasing to him. I want to not do things that dishonor him and… Continue reading Discernment
  • Does baptism save?
    Hello there my friends LeaFiore with Take me to eternity here again. today I just want to jump on here real quick. The question is: is baptism necessary for salvation? I am going to look into this and touch on the baptism of the Holy Spirit as well. This is an interesting question and I have heard a lot of people fall on one side or the other on this but all in all I think the Bible is pretty clear… Continue reading Does baptism save?
  • Context matters…….
    Hello here lovelies, LeaFiore here. I got sent a video a few days ago from Jessie Goss with My Burning Heart Blog and Podcast. While watching it I was appalled. Craig Groeschel, Rick Warren, Michael Todd and a host of others using the same half of a verse to teach from. “Where there is no vision the people perish.” They talk about needing a vision for your life, and say if you don’t have a vision you aren’t going anywhere. That… Continue reading Context matters…….
  • What is a Conscience?
    Hello there beautiful people. LeaFiore Tracy here once again with Take me to Eternity. Where I talk a whole lot about the word of God. Today I’m gonna talk about conscience. What is it? How do we form it? Can it be altered? What does God say? First the definition of conscience is CONSCIENCE, n. [L., to know, to be privy to.] 1. Internal or self-knowledge, or judgment of right and wrong; or the faculty, power or principle within us, which… Continue reading What is a Conscience?
  • Hello there lovelies,
    LeaFiore here once again. First off Happy New Year!!! First blog of 2022! I wanted to hop on here and talk to you about something that I have been digging into a lot lately and that is the gospel. I know so many Christians who have heard the gospel, read the Bible and still don’t know which part it is. What is the non negotiable part? How do we talk to unbelievers and what part are we supposed to be sharing… Continue reading Hello there lovelies,
  • The Gospel Episode 14
    Hello there my friends. New episode drop! The Gospel. What is it, what isn’t it, and does it matter to get it right? Check it out here on YouTube or you can find it on rumble, Spotify and most podcasting platforms! If you like it please let me know. Share it, review it or comment!!
  • Happy Birthday to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
    Merry Christmas everyone. I pray that your day is filled with remembrance of Christ birth. God the son humbled himself to live inside a woman and then be born a baby. He lived the perfect life and kept all the laws that we could not. He loves his people so much that he endured beatings and ridicule. He endured being hungry and tired. Not having a place to rest his head and running from stoning because of the truth he is… Continue reading Happy Birthday to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
  • New podcast drop! Christmas should Christians celebrate it?
    This episode I dig into the possibility of Jesus being born on Dec 25 historically. And the attributes of Santa. Come check it out! https://rumble.com/vqyqcq-christians-should-we-be-celebrating-christmas.html
  • The Truth
    Hello there fellow humans. LeaFiore here today and I want to talk about truth. In this day and age people say truth is relative. It is subject to change. You can have your truth and I can have my truth, but is this true? The Bible teaches us that there is absolute truth. Jesus Says he is the truth and that the Holy Spirit will guide to all truth. We are taught about God who made everything from nothing including us… Continue reading The Truth
  • A new podcast just dropped
    A Christian view of anxiety, depression and suicide. You can find it on most podcasting sites as well as YouTube and rumble. https://anchor.fm/leafiore-tracy/episodes/Ep-12-A-Christian-look-at-anxiety–depression-and-suicide-e1b7nf3
  • Thanksgiving podcast is now up!
    Check it out! You can find it on most podcasting sites, YouTube And rumble rumble.com/vpavsa-episode-11-thanksgiving-are-we-really-thankful-enough.html
  • I killed myself today
    A poem by LeaFiore Tracy I killed myself today Maybe you should try The parts of me with sin and shame The pieces that deserve to die I killed myself today The pride and pain held back I killed that part that served myself And looked past others lack I killed myself today As I welcome Jesus on his throne He filled me with himself instead And through me his light shone I killed myself today Is a song I sing… Continue reading I killed myself today
  • God’s Love
    Howdy. Leafiore here. Just getting on today to talk to you guys about Gods love. I know I have done a podcast on this in the past on Truthfully Awkward but we can’t get all the things into one podcast when we talk about such a big subject. I have been really sitting in different topics lately and praying that the Lord shapes me into who he wants me to be. And while I do that I just keep thinking how… Continue reading God’s Love
  • Episode 10 The Holy Spirit is out!!
    Who is The Holy Spirit? Is he a force? A breath? A thing? Or a person? Go check it out!!
  • Episode 9 is up!
    Go check it out the podcast can be found on most podcasting platforms And it can be found on YouTube and rumble!
  • Episode 8 is up!
    Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Ep 8 Jesus Christ part 3 of the Trinity https://anchor.fm/leafiore-tracy/episodes/Ep-8-Jesus-Christ-part-3-of-the-Trinity-e18st0d You can also find it on YouTube and rumble!
  • What is evil?
    Hello there lovelies LeaFiore here. Today I witnessed something that was just so beautiful I had to share. It was so simple and yet so impactful. I really believe that people don’t think through why they believe what they believe enough. They don’t look for the answers or are told there aren’t any and many times there are perfectly good answers you just have to find them, but that requires patience, prayer and work. Don’t give up when you want answers… Continue reading What is evil?
  • What is the church’s goal?
    I think the church has lost sight of what is important to a huge degree. The focus seems to be to draw people to the church. To get butts in the seats. To cater to and make comfortable the world so they will stay But that isn’t what scripture teaches us. It doesn’t say go make converts. Bring them in and make them happy. It says make disciples teaching them all I have commanded you. Yet so often we soften what… Continue reading What is the church’s goal?
  • Episode 7 The Father is up!!
    This is the second of the four part series of the trinity. In this episode I dive into who The Father is in relation to the trinity and his personhood. Here is a link to the podcast But if you would like to watch it it is also on YouTube Check it out! I pray that it edifies you!
  • The world sits in shadow waiting for the light but shunning any thought if it.
    We once walked in a world of light But now it is all shadow We once walked with God side by side But now he seems so far away. We once walked and talked as if to a friend But now it’s filtered and muggy. His voice we could hear to no end Now the pages of my Bible I do run to. Hello there friends. LeaFiore here again. I have been thinking a lot about Christians and apathy. The society… Continue reading The world sits in shadow waiting for the light but shunning any thought if it.
  • God gives us differently…….
    Hello there lovelies. LeaFiore here again. I was having a conversation with a friend and it made me think about popping on here just for a short min. I was reminded while talking that we each have our own paths that God has both led us from and also calls us to. He so beautifully uses where we have come from to give us grace to show others the same kind of grace. I feel led to and called to discuss… Continue reading God gives us differently…….
  • Who do you say he is?
    Hello there friends. LeaFiore here once again. Sorry I have been absent for awhile but well life happened. Today I want to talk about something that is on my heart. One of the most important questions I think Jesus asked when he walked the earth was who do you say I am. It is something that if answered wrongly means you cannot have salvation. Is he a prophet only? Was he just a man? Is he God preexisting and eternal? Is… Continue reading Who do you say he is?
  • The trinity part 1
    What is the trinity. Here is a new episode hope it is helpful to y’all 💕 and yes it’s a video 😱hahaha more options are now opened up! https://youtu.be/C1dcwJiZzow It is also out in podcast form! Check it out! https://anchor.fm/leafiore-tracy/episodes/The-trinity-episode-1-e172ao7 Love yous! LeaFiore
  • Busy busy busy
    Hello my people. I swear I haven’t forgotten about you. I have been pretty busy in both research/study and also dealing with a sick household. I have a plethora of videos getting ready to drop. One on its way today. Please stand by while I catch up on stuff. Love y’all. LeaFiore
  • Live video discussion tomorrow!!!!
    Live video discussion on the trinity tomorrow With Rory Fry from reformed and recovered and Shaune Gregory from In Christ recovery and apologetics! Y’all should check it out! Click the link below! https://facebook.com/events/s/trinity-discussion/389993815975816/
  • Jesus said take my yoke upon you.
    Howdy y’all. LeaFiore here again. I want to talk to you about…….. What does it mean to take his yoke upon us and why does he say that it is light? What’s more how do you find rest for your soul? The 1828 dictionary says YOKE A piece of timber, hollowed or made curving near each end, and fitted with bows for receiving the necks of oxen; by which means two are connected for drawing. From a ring or hook in… Continue reading Jesus said take my yoke upon you.
  • New podcast up!!
    Check out my new episode!! Just dropped today. The topic is why we should read out bibles. Now I know what you are thinking that one is obvious but if you know me at all you will know there might be an aspect that could get you thinking in there. Hope y’all like it! Love you!LeaFiorehttps://anchor.fm/leafiore-tracy/episodes/Why-should-we-read-our-bible-e14dfk2
  • God is bigger
    When I was at my darkest time struggling with agoraphobia and bi polar. Having to remind myself of the ones in this world that would suffer if I left it. I remember the point that I really grasped The gospel. Not in a way that I could tell anyone but in a way that was to my core. God knows you aren’t enough. He knows you are going to fail. He knows that you need help he is just waiting for… Continue reading God is bigger
  • New podcast up!
    Go check it out!! Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Episode 3 false signs and wonders https://anchor.fm/leafiore-tracy/episodes/Episode-3-false-signs-and-wonders-e145fcr
  • What is worship and does our music matter?
    Hello there dear ones. LeaFiore here again. Today I want to talk about worship and does the music that we choose to worship God with matter? Now i want to start off by saying that Worship can be so many things and I think it is a great misconception that it means singing at the beginning of church or the end. When talking about the act of worshipping the 1828 Webster defines it as Chiefly and eminently, the act of paying… Continue reading What is worship and does our music matter?
  • Me.
    Hello there beloved. today I want to change it up a bit. There is something that I think might help y’all to understand me better as I talk. I tend to get misunderstood often. Or people have a certain idea of who they think I am because I don’t sound as soft and squishy as they would like. Something that many people don’t know about me or tend to not believe when I say it is that I am a highly… Continue reading Me.
  • Being a Light
    Hello there friends, I want to talk today about a topic that is a serious topic. Something that I was reminded of myself and I think that we all need to pay more attention to. The topic is what do we show the world? When we talk to one person or to many, when we speak to people in what we consider a ministry or just one on one. We learn truth from God’s word . As we sit in it… Continue reading Being a Light
  • Depending on God
    Hello there peeps. Today I want to talk to you about how important our view of God is to how we relate to and engage with God. God is our everything. He is our safety and our help. We should not live in fear or anxiety because he is a good God who loves us and works all things for the good of those who love him. In the middle of hard things I try to remember my place and it’s… Continue reading Depending on God
  • Episode #1 is up!! Come check out my testimony episode!!
    This is a short episode to tell you a little bit about myself and how I got to where I did in my Journey seeking Gods truth. Hope y’all enjoy it! Check out my podcast, Take Me To Eternity, on Anchor! https://anchor.fm/leafiore-tracy
  • Welcome
    Hello and welcome to Take me to Eternity. LeaFiore here, I wanted to start out with a little bit about myself. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. A wife and a mother of two. I homeschool my children and try to teach them to my best abilities how to be godly woman. And how to navigate this fallen world. My favorite things to do are to dig in deep in the word, talk Jesus, hang out with my family and… Continue reading Welcome
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