My name is LeaFiore Tracy

I am a mother of two who absolutely loves Jesus. My favorite thing is to talk biblically and deep dive into the word. I pray that my words are helpful for building you up in the knowledge and understanding of the Lord. I believe that we as Christians are here to honor and glorify God. That our roles in each others lives are to serve each other and keep each other’s flames stoked.

I am so excited to dig into the word with you and filter this fallen world through God’s Truth.

My greatest desire is to honor God and live and breath in a way that gives him glory. I pray that he can use me to shine his light into the world., and that through this blog as well as my podcast you will be edified. Come join me as I walk this journey of navigating through the world with God’s filter called the Bible. Hope that you will check it out!

My Latest Posts

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