Hello there lovelies,

LeaFiore here once again. First off Happy New Year!!! First blog of 2022! I wanted to hop on here and talk to you about something that I have been digging into a lot lately and that is the gospel.

I know so many Christians who have heard the gospel, read the Bible and still don’t know which part it is. What is the non negotiable part? How do we talk to unbelievers and what part are we supposed to be sharing with and declaring to the world?

I know that sharing the gospel can be hard. I have experienced it myself where I want to share the gospel with someone but don’t know how to word it or just plain want to throw the whole kitchen sink at them because it all matters right? Well it does all matter but we have to start off at the starting point.

The gospel means the good news and it is such joyful news isn’t it? there is no better news than that. First we have to start with the uncomfortable part though. The bad news which to me is just relieving news and good news cloaked in worldly vocabulary.

Let’s start off here, we are all born with a free will and we are inclined to choose wrongly. We are all prone to choose self over God. When we are disobedient and do the things that are not right it is called sin and sin is an offense against a holy and righteous God.

God made us and knows what is best. He knows that there are things that we do that are not good for us and those around us. He is a just God and there has to be a payment for our sin.

We are told that the wages that we earn through our sin is death. Sin separates us from God. We shy away from him because we know that we are defiled by it so instead of turning to him and walking with him we turn away and hide from him in darkness. Every person who has walked the earth has sinned except one, Jesus Christ. It also helps that he is God in the flesh.

The law has been used by many to say we can earn our salvation but no one has ever been justified or saved by the law. It is simply there to show us the mirror of our wrong. To show us that we can’t be good enough on our own and that we need a Savior. We need someone else good enough for us. It shows us our need for God in a sense.

God is so awesome that while we were still sinners turned away from him he chose to come down and be our payment. God humbled himself to live as a man Jesus Christ. Jesus is the God/Man. He is God in physical form. The perfect unblemished lamb of God. In fact he planned it all along because he knew exactly what would happen so he made a way for us to be right with him.

Jesus came down and lived the perfect life as a man. Fulfilling all of the law. He died on the cross and when he did God looked at him as though he had done every sin ever committed throughout all of time by every person who ever lived or would ever live though he had committed none of them. He paid for our sin with his blood. The only one who could actually atone for sin and wash it away. God himself.

John MacArthur did a video where he shared the gospel in a min. It was amazing. Truly a mic drop moment if you ask me. He used this verse and He said. Quote “He “God” made him “Jesus” who knew no sin, sin on our behalf. Now what do you mean by ‘made him sin?” He said only in one sense. He treated him as if he committed every sin that was ever committed by every person that was ever alive though in fact he committed none of them. Hanging on the cross he was holy, harmless, undefiled. Hanging on the cross he was a spotless lamb. He was never even for a split second a sinner; he was holy God on the cross, but God was treating him as if he lived my life. God punished Jesus for my sin and turned right around and treated me as if I lived his life. This is the heart of the Gospel and what you get is complete forgiveness covered by the righteousness of Jesus Christ, when he looks at the cross he sees you when he looks at you he sees Christ.” End Quote

That is just so beautiful isn’t it? I love the last part. When he looks at the cross he sees you and when he looks at you he sees Christ. The work that Jesus did on the cross was the payment for mine and your sin. God doesn’t wink and nod at sin and say it’s ok you can get in heaven for free. No it was paid for by the only one who could actually be good enough to make the payment. That is the good news. It’s already done for you.

When we turn to God and away from our sin we accept the payment God made for us. When we know God as he has presented himself and we trust that he is who he says he is and that he has done what he says he has done we can submit to his authority. When we repent we are turning towards God and saying yes you are greater than I, you know more and I will trust and follow you. No thing that we do can save us. It’s all about what he did because he is awesome. Upon redemption we get the Holy Spirit who works in us to produce the fruit of repentance. He sanctifies us or cleans us from the inside out. Slowly (sometimes quickly) we look more and more like Christ. The Gospel is this……….

That we are sinners in need of a savior. God is that Savior. God came down and lived a life as a human Jesus of Nazareth. He lived the perfect life and died in place of us for our sins. All of this according to what the Bible has said. He was buried and was raised again three days later and is alive in heaven the redemption for all who will repent and put their trust in him. That is the best news.

When we add all of the other stuff to it we are really creating another gospel which isn’t a gospel at all. There is power in the gospel to save the lost and dying souls. We should understand it and be about to speak it. Apparently its pretty simply and easy to grasp once you know which part it is. I really think that the reason it is so hard is because of the same reason it is so powerful. It’s the tough part no one wants to talk about. It isn’t “nice” or the “loving” thing to do to remind people that they aren’t perfect. That they are sinners and can’t save themselves. That they aren’t enough or worthy but that is just the thing we all know that already deep down. We know our dirtiness better than anyone but God. We just need to know that God knows that and made a way for us anyway. It isn’t up to us and we aren’t expected to be perfect. God knows that we can’t.

If you are a believer I hope this helped you in some way to understand better or be able to speak it to others easier. I pray this emboldens people and that God filters me out so y’all just hear him and his word. If you aren’t a believer please think about this and do it now. This is your eternity. This is literally THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can ponder and make a decision on.

As always I have to say my friends, get in the word if you aren’t. Keep asking questions and finding the answers. Pray without ceasing, and know that God knows and sees you.

Love you all


By Take me to Eternity

I am a God fearing mother of two. A wife to a wonderful husband. A crafter of junk. A baker. And anything the LORD puts in my path.

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