What is evil?

Hello there lovelies LeaFiore here. Today I witnessed something that was just so beautiful I had to share. It was so simple and yet so impactful.

I really believe that people don’t think through why they believe what they believe enough. They don’t look for the answers or are told there aren’t any and many times there are perfectly good answers you just have to find them, but that requires patience, prayer and work. Don’t give up when you want answers God will provide them in due time if you seek him with your whole heart. Sometimes the answer isn’t what you expected it to be.

A friend was teaching a group of children in enrichment classes at my church about evil. She spoke about evil and why evil is and how God did not create evil. I have heard people with different opinions try to answer this question many times without actually answering it. Or with what I would consider faulty Theology. Not well thought out or just not caring enough to take the time to answer properly. I have even heard this analogy yet not so simply stated.

She asked the class containing children from age five to twelve “is light a thing? They answered yes, she said ok is darkness a thing? They all said yes. She said no it is the absence of light. Light is the thing and darkness is the absence of that thing. She then asked if heat was a thing and they all answered yes. She said is cold a thing? They said yes to which she said no. It’s the absence of heat…..”

She went on to explain that evil is no thing at all. That it is the absence of good. The absence of God. It made me think. The Bible says that all good things come from God so we know that all goodness comes from God himself.

I think too often people decide that because God created all things he created the effects of the absence of those things also. They act like or believe that that is a thing in and of itself instead of seeing that it is simply not having the thing. When we don’t have light it is dark. When we don’t have truth we have the absence of truth. When we don’t have heat it is cold when we don’t have God or choose to turn away from him we in turn don’t have his goodness and that we call evil.

When we choose to walk with God and obey him we turn our lives over to him. We allow the spirit to take place in us and in turn we bear fruit of the God that lives in us. We start to change and be the people that we were meant to be. More loving, more kind, more generous and more truthful. The goodness shines through us and in turn evil has no place to dwell. Not saying that a christian can never sin but we do not sit in sin we actively die to self daily and take up the cross and walk with Jesus. Meaning we choose to not do the things that God says are a sin. Sometimes we slip and fall. Sometimes we take our eyes off of him and when we do that we look a bit more like the world than like Jesus.

I think that shows us so much more this beautiful analogy. When we look away from God we show the things of the world and not him. Now I am not saying that we have to do works to be saved or good enough for salvation. What I am saying is that upon redemption we show the light of God living in us by the fruit. By the works. They are a result of salvation not a cause. The obedience is a result of his redemption. When we are followers of Christ we look to him and in turn look to his word to know what is right and what is wrong. What is truth and what is the absence of truth.

God tells us over and over in his word what to do and how to do it. What the consequences are of not doing it and what to do when we fail. It’s up to us to know it. To learn it. To deem him more important than playing that game on your phone for hours. Than watching that race on tv or the football game or that tv show that you have actually seen before but you would rather veg out watching. These are all idols if we let them come before God. If we decide that they are more important than knowing him and understanding him. They aren’t evil, they aren’t wrong but just like feelings they can be used wrongly. If we put them in front of God there is the problem. When they be come something we do instead of seeking God. When we know that we ought to be in quiet time seeking God and instead we choose them its wrong. In turn we make them an idol.

The Bible talks about Light and uses it in some pretty profound ways. It says that the word is a lamp and teaching a light. It says God is light and in him there is no darkness. It says that wickedness is darkness and that followers of Christ are a light to the world. I don’t believe that this is done unintentionally. God has revealed so many wonderful scientific truths to us in the Bible and I do believe that this is used to show us something. I believe that this analogy is actually just written in the word itself.

In Genesis the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep. God said let there be light and there was. He didn’t make darkness because darkness was simply a place without light.

When it talks about hell it says it is a place of outer darkness. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Every time we see the gnashing of teeth in the Bible it is geared towards those who are wicked, who turn away from the Lord and refuse to obey him. Hell being equated to darkness as well as wicked people is a great understanding of being apart from Gods goodness. His light.

We are called to walk in his light as he is in the light so we can shine his light on the darkness and everything can be revealed. Light dispels darkness and in doing so people can see the error of their ways and come to the light for redemption. It’s interesting how such a simple analogy can speak volumes. How it can say so much in so little. I am amazed all the time by the depth that is in the Bible. That how one small thing can mean so much. Simple words can convey so much meaning. That is a huge reason I believe that people ought to be in their bibles constantly. We grow through reading the same verses over and over. In different times of our lives they don’t change meaning but they do allow for a new depth of understanding. They are a light to the path that we are on even as our paths change. As life throws us curveballs it gives us a wider understanding of the depths of God and his goodness. A greater view of how to tackle these obstacles. How to please God, how to help others. It is our light so that we don’t stumble in the darkness of the world.

I pray that y’all are edified by this. That God uses something that I said to help you in your walk. I love you guys and my hope is that anyone reading is spurred on to know him more. To get in your bibles and seek out his deep truths. until next time.


By Take me to Eternity

I am a God fearing mother of two. A wife to a wonderful husband. A crafter of junk. A baker. And anything the LORD puts in my path.

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