God is bigger

When I was at my darkest time struggling with agoraphobia and bi polar. Having to remind myself of the ones in this world that would suffer if I left it. I remember the point that I really grasped The gospel. Not in a way that I could tell anyone but in a way that was…… Continue reading God is bigger


Hello there beloved. today I want to change it up a bit. There is something that I think might help y’all to understand me better as I talk. I tend to get misunderstood often. Or people have a certain idea of who they think I am because I don’t sound as soft and squishy as…… Continue reading Me.

Being a Light

Hello there friends, I want to talk today about a topic that is a serious topic. Something that I was reminded of myself and I think that we all need to pay more attention to. The topic is what do we show the world? When we talk to one person or to many, when we…… Continue reading Being a Light


Hello and welcome to Take me to Eternity. LeaFiore here, I wanted to start out with a little bit about myself. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. A wife and a mother of two. I homeschool my children and try to teach them to my best abilities how to be godly woman. And how…… Continue reading Welcome