Exercising discernment.

We as Christian’s need to hold God’s word as literally the words of God. If we want to follow what he says we need to do so according to what he says.

I have been told “so are you saying that you have more discernment then me?” when calling out false doctrine or false teachers and my answer is no I just use it while you excuse it. I see test every spirit instead of bluntly listening. Expecting everyone to be truthful.

I was taught long ago that you can’t just trust what people say even if you like them and want to.

These same people have no problem excusing the Shack when it makes God into a woman. Yet for some reason it’s not ok for unbelievers to change their gender at will. You allow it to be done to God why obviously that doesn’t matter to you.

We are to judge Christian’s and what they say about God “their fruit” and not unbelievers who are going to act like unbelievers yet we get it backwards and treat unbelievers like they should know better and excuse bad behavior and lies from People who profess to be Christian’s.

They excuse the Chosen because it’s just entertainment. Not caring that it is adding all kinds of other beliefs contrary to scripture in there.

They excuse all kinds of people with things like “I know what they meant” but is that how we are told to live in scripture? If we excuse bad theology, lies, heresy, and false prophesy we disarm our discernment.

How then do we expect to be able to discern when we have effectively taught ourselves to not?

Excusing ungodly practices, music, tv shows, movies. Being ok with mixing a little heresy in with our Christianity. A little “harmless” new age in with it. We can’t expect to rightly know if we are ok with closing our eyes and blinding ourselves from the truth.

Either you want truth or you are ok with lies. It’s one of the other you can’t have both.


By Take me to Eternity

I am a God fearing mother of two. A wife to a wonderful husband. A crafter of junk. A baker. And anything the LORD puts in my path.

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