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Hello here lovelies, LeaFiore here.

I got sent a video a few days ago from Jessie Goss with My Burning Heart Blog and Podcast. While watching it I was appalled. Craig Groeschel, Rick Warren, Michael Todd and a host of others using the same half of a verse to teach from. “Where there is no vision the people perish.” They talk about needing a vision for your life, and say if you don’t have a vision you aren’t going anywhere. That looks good until you actually look into the verse.

When you look at that half a verse with no context around it, it is pretty open. You can take that half a verse and you can twist it to mean a host of things that are not what God intended. One question is does it matter? Well, if I say something to you in one context and you make it mean something else you are negating what I even said. You are making what I said worthless and void of meaning. If we treasure God’s word we are going to be careful how we handle it and care about the meaning as it was written. When Paul wrote 1 Corinthians he talked about the gospel. He laid it out nicely and simply. One thing he says multiple times is according to scripture. When we take scripture out of context it is no longer according to scripture its according to you. This verse continuously gets taken out of context and used as an inspirational quote. How do I know that? Just read the second part of the verse.

Does that change the context a bit? Does that work for “you need to have a vision for your future or you won’t go far?” Where there is no vision the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. We need to hold up what people are saying to what the Bible says and we need to stop listening to people wanting to tickle ears. If you want to understand the Bible read it. Not in snippets. Study it. Your spiritual health is the most important. It effects everything else you do. Working out the body is of some benefit but working out our spiritual walk is more so.

People spend an awful lot of time doing things that benefit their physical body. People spend a great deal of time thinking about exercise and working out. How much time do they spend in the word? How much do they concern themselves with working out compared to how much am I searching God’s word? Should I be doing it more? How easily they sit in five minuet daily devotionals and call it their quiet time.

I am not just knocking others, I totally understand this is something that I question myself. I know it isn’t right.

People worry about the food that they put into their mouth, does it have pesticides on it? Is it grown in a way that suits their conscience? Were the animals treated fairly before they were slaughtered for meat? How many chemicals were pumped into them while they were alive? You are what you eat they say and you are what you eat eats. That is all beneficial and I am not saying you shouldn’t do or care about all those things but how much time do you spend looking into the people you listen to? Do you accept that little bit of poison they speak when they go a little to the left or the right when “teaching” about God’s word? You know that bible study that they spend more time talking about themselves and a fraction of the time misusing scripture. Using that half a verse to inspire you in your life. How often do you accept most of what they say and have to throw out parts? Do you throw out the parts that don’t line up or do you even care to look? Do you really think everyone knows the parts that don’t line up with the word and don’t get entangled by it?

These are things we ought to care about. We know there will be people who look like Christians and talk like Christians that will be speaking things that sound almost right. The Bible warns us about that, but our words matter.

We can see here that fruit is compared to the words we speak. This is something I am so imperfect at. Speaking well and being heard for what I am intending to say. Always having the right heart attitude when speaking and so often people thinking I am being mean or unkind because of the bluntness in which I speak. I take this very serious. I agonize over my speech. I pray all the time that I don’t speak wrongly of God’s word. I know that my heart can deceive me and that I can misspeak. I agonize over what I have said and did I have the right heart when speaking it. Did that person hear something I didn’t intend and should I even talk at all. I am very particular about who I will listen to for the same reason, because words matter. I pray that y’all dig into your bibles if you aren’t already. That you seek to find and understand. That who you listen to matters to you and that you put more time into finding truth than anything else. Our spiritual health effects every part of us and it is the most important.

I love you Guys. I pray that you were encouraged by this.


By Take me to Eternity

I am a God fearing mother of two. A wife to a wonderful husband. A crafter of junk. A baker. And anything the LORD puts in my path.


  1. I love this! I often question some of the more famous “pastors” and their teachings. I also really loved what you said about miss-speaking. I believe at one time I misunderstood something you had said to me. I have been afraid of really talking with you since. God has shown me that it was me who was wrong. Anyway I enjoy your sharing of the word. I am still at the “milk” stage. Thank you for time spent on helping us understand God’s Word much better. 💜

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