The Truth

Hello there fellow humans. LeaFiore here today and I want to talk about truth. In this day and age people say truth is relative. It is subject to change. You can have your truth and I can have my truth, but is this true?

The Bible teaches us that there is absolute truth. Jesus Says he is the truth and that the Holy Spirit will guide to all truth.

We are taught about God who made everything from nothing including us and we are told how we are to live and how to please him. If we say we believe the Bible then, that is where we are to find our absolute truth. It is good for every situation and there is nothing new under the sun. In order to say but it can’t know what our generation is going through means you haven’t looked deep enough because people don’t change. Fundamentally we are the same as we have always been. There may be more technology and such but hearts and sins aren’t different.

When we decide that we cannot trust the Bible. When we say that we know better because of experience or feelings in effect we are making ourselves out to be god. We are saying we know better therefore we can correct God. Our experience or feelings hold more weight. One thing that I have learned is that God gives us the room to decide we don’t want to trust him. He didn’t make us into the exact beings that he wants us to be following his every command. He allowed us the freedom to choose and in doing so when we choose him it is an actual choice. When Satan sinned and was cast down he did so with full knowledge of what he was rebelling against. Could God have made him a perfect little robot to follow him precisely and never have any ability to choose otherwise? He could have but how then could we ever be made in his image? Whats more how could we can anything love? He made us in his image and in that we reflect his glory. He gets to watch as his creation loves each other and cares for each other. He can be a part of this thing called life as we shine his light in the darkest places. In having good there comes bad therefore unfortunately we have people who utilize the bad and reject the goodness set before them.

To a non believer this is all foolishness. It makes no sense and they (some) would rather have a god if they could fathom one, that would make perfection and unchangeably so. They (again some) would say if he is so good how can he allow evil. Unknowingly saying that the only god they would agree is good would only create little robot people and a perfect world free from anything real and therefor there could never be heaven, we could never experience love and we couldn’t have anything called freedom.

What kind of heaven would that be and what would the point of God making it be? A place of what? Love could not be present. What a cold place that would be. Void of anything real. How do you have emotion and know what good is without bad? I have learned some of my deepest truths in the midst of hurt and turmoil. The kind that feels like you will never live through and in the end I am glad I went through them. When I say they made me who I am and I wouldn’t wish any different I say that to the depths of my being. God used them. So many of them I don’t believe he caused but boy did he transform me through them.

What is truth? Why does truth matter? Without it there is nothing but what I believe second to second. No constant. Everything always subject to change. Man that scares the crap out of me. God doesn’t change. He was the same before the beginning, through the now and to the forever. The Bible says he is the same yesterday today and forever.

Therefore truth matters. If he is the truth and he gets to dictate what is true that means we don’t get to change the standard. When we decide to not believe his truth we stride farther away from reality and in turn start making up what we call our own truths. Who then gets to dictate the highest truth if truth can be changed?

I really believe that the best way to change a society into what you want first lie with the belief that truth is subjective. If you can convince people that truth changes and then tell them that your truth holds the highest value for all you can manipulate them. Isn’t that what we are seeing today?

Untruth hurts us in many ways. It makes us vulnerable to spiritual attacks for sure. We can talk our way into many things being right when truth is taken out of the equation and when we do that it can damage our bodies, our minds and our souls.

When we stray away from truth we stray from Christ. We cannot have faith without truth because that is where our faith lies. Jesus is truth we have faith in what he says. The Bible talks about another gospel and another christ not that there are really either of them but there are imposters. If we hold onto truth and hold everything up to the scripture we can see truth and falsehood easier and make choices that reflect that. As soon as we hold truth loosely we hold the gospel and Christ loosely as well. We hold our faith loosely.

We are told over and over again how important truth is in the Bible. John 4:24 says we must worship in spirit and truth. Ephesians 6:14 Stand firm therefor, having girded your loins with truth. Psalms 145:18 The Lord is near to all who call upon him, to all who call upon him in truth.

Truth hugely matters it matters in how we live, how we interact with others, with God, how we know what is right and wrong, its what we are to dwell on, it protects us and shapes us. Everything we do we are to do in and with truth. We are sanctified in truth, we are to rejoice in truth.

I watch as people in the world disregard truth and put on lies like a garment. They wash themselves in lies and attempt to force others into believing them. The very same people who claim that you can have your truth and they can have theirs also demand that you believe their said truth. If what I believe is opposed to what you believe how can I hold both to be true? One has to be a lie.

If I can’t say that there differences between men and woman that can’t be changed there is a problem. When truth is denied so is anything that is provable. Science is thrown out the window and we can choose to believe or disbelieve anything we want. All we have to do is feel it. That is where we are as a society right? So many people getting mad that God didn’t give them a better sign. A more tangible one. One that is undeniable but even when God himself came to earth he was rejected and killed. There is nothing that he could do that would make people know without the ability to reject it.

Men and woman have obvious unmistakable differences and that is disputed. Babies are living beings from conception with their own DNA yet that is disputed even though science can show it and any woman who has been pregnant knows it. Again denying truth and inserting their own that makes them feel better. Or changing it to fit their feelings better. we have people who say feelings are truth and truth is subjective. It’s a dangerous way to live and so very confusing.

I know too many people that can stare in the face of truth and say I don’t believe it. Unfortunately these same people are so very broken and hurting. It’s hard to reach someone who has a foundation of sand.

God is truth. God is unchanging. It is something that is so very comforting to me personally. I know what to expect from him and what he wants from me.

Anyone who grew up with a parent who’s standards always changed would understand why that is so comforting. Anyone who has had to deal with any person they wanted to please always changing the standards would understand. We as believers are children of God. Children need constants. They need things to be sturdy and not shifting under them as they learn and grow. Without that we grow anxious and depressed because we don’t know how to do what is expected of us or even what is expected of us.

If we are God’s children and God is truth and values truth then we ought to also. If we deny truth and embrace lies we are children of Satan the father of lies. How hard that journey must be to live on ever changing ground. To never have a foothold because you are waiting to see what you are allowed to say and do today, this minuet, this second. When feelings changed in a flash to them so does truth and that is so very wrong. I want the people around me to know where they stand with me. To know what to expect and expect me to be the same to them in most situations. I am only human I am not God so I don’t do it perfectly. The point though is that if I can be a constant then I can be a landing ground for others and I think that is really important for God’s people.

Be the landing ground for those around you. Be the constant. Be the one whom they know what to expect with. That is how Jesus was. He was unwavering. He loved people and hated sin. He loved sinners and called them to repent, he never changed his message.

I hope that through this you understand my point and that it edified you my friends. Love you all dearly

LeaFiore Tracy

By Take me to Eternity

I am a God fearing mother of two. A wife to a wonderful husband. A crafter of junk. A baker. And anything the LORD puts in my path.

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