What is worship and does our music matter?

Hello there dear ones. LeaFiore here again. Today I want to talk about worship and does the music that we choose to worship God with matter?

Now i want to start off by saying that Worship can be so many things and I think it is a great misconception that it means singing at the beginning of church or the end.

When talking about the act of worshipping the 1828 Webster defines it as

Chiefly and eminently, the act of paying divine honors to the supreme being; or the reverence and homage paid to him in religious exercises, consisting in adoration, confession, prayer, thanksgiving and the like.

The worship of God is an eminent part of religion

Prayer is a chief part of a religious worship

The homage paid to idols or false gods by pagans; as the worship or Isis.

To perform acts of adoration

To perform religious service

These all define worship. Worship absolutely is what we are supposed to be doing while we sing praise to the Lord but it is also when the pastor is preaching professing Gods written word. It is every act we do unto the Lord and that is supposed to be our entirety.

Everything we do is supposed to be an act of worship. Our entire beings are here to glorify God so that being said we worship God when we are doing anything for him at all. If everything is being done for him then even doing the dishes and taking out the garbage can be an act of worship. Being thankful for all that he gives you. Being thankful for the food to dirty the plates and the things to acquire garbage from or the ability to actually physically take it out.

God sustains us in everything. I think we forget that too often. We think that we can do this thing over here because it doesn’t really matter does it when in fact we are supposed to care about everything we do, and I mean everything!

That being said I want to focus on. The music aspect of it. I know that a lot of people have a hard time when they hear me talk about music. Why we shouldn’t listen to certain people. I know that I step on toes and that you just really like that one song cause it makes you feel good, but the act of worship doesn’t have to do with how a song makes us feel. Though we should get emotional when thinking of and worshipping God we should put more thought into are we actually worshipping him through this. Is it pure and undefiled? Is this honoring to him from the words to who wrote it to where it will lead people. It isn’t how does this make me feel it’s how does this make God feel?

I at one point was completely caught up in the klove~air1 kind of music. Bethel, hillsong, elevation worship and the like. I would play them loud, often and belt them out with all conviction and tears. I would get caught up in them. Feel with them. Wash them over me and thoroughly enjoyed the “experience “ of them. I did it sincerely and I sincerely enjoyed it. It made me feel good.

It took me a long time after learning about who made this music and the problems with these so called churches to realize just how dangerous their music was. These places say that they bring people in with their music. It is meant to make people want more and seek it through their establishments. These places are all about getting butts in the seats and experience. Therefore they pull at the heart strings and though they do sprinkle the name of Jesus and God in their music it is generally based to feed a human want to glorify self.

They talk about what God can do for them without talking about sin and repentance and salvation. They have theologically sound songs sprinkled throughout and a lot of the songs that are not quite right are so slightly off you can’t quite put your finger on it. They talk about wanting more of God or their experience rather than Glorifying God because well he is God. We can absolutely glorify God and be thankful for what he does for us. We can worship him with our testimony but it needs to be about him.

If we are to abstain from all appearance of evil or as some versions say abstain from all evil. Then we should remember who we are talking about when we are talking about God. If he is Holy and that being completely Holy with no blemish or sin we should speak of him in such a manner. We should not bring the world to him and say it’s worship. We should approach worshiping God remembering the fear of the Lord. There needs to be reverence and care in it.

We have songs like reckless love that speak of Gods love in a way that is not holy. Reckless means careless; heedless; and mindless. It isn’t a good thing we have songs that say heaven met earth like a sloppy wet kiss….. I hear that and say excuse me? This is how we talk about God…. Where is the Fear and reverence?

I had a post pop up in my memories the other day. It was a song I was in love with at the time and looking back at the lyrics I cringe. It was by bethel and I mean the title gives it away. It’s called your presence. The whole song is about experience and feelings and it tells you let go of your heart let go of Your head and feel it now. How wrong is that? Like super really totally wrong. We aren’t to let go of our head and follow feelings. This is most of their songs. It’s all about what God can do for them or how he can make them feel. Is that really worshipping our Holy creator? Does he want me to let go of myself and feel? Let go of mind and stop thinking? Turn it off like some Hindu worship?

We have to be so careful with what we allow to take residence in our minds and hearts. The Bible says above all else guard your heart because everything you do flows from it.

It also says to meditate on what is pure and right and good. The first and most important command is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul. When we look at the music we listen to or even the people we choose to listen to we have to be aware are they focused on self or God? Just because they quote bible verses or say the name of Jesus doesn’t mean it is actually all about Jesus. Or even about the same Jesus. Is this the Jesus of the Bible or the one the person made up on their own mind?

Would you as a Bible believing, saved by grace through faith alone by Christ alone believing christian worship God with mormon hymns? Would you sing an Islamic song to God and say that you are worshipping him? Do you think he would think it was good and pure and right?

When we worship God we worship him, who he is, how amazing he is and while yes we can worship him for the things he does for us it isn’t for any other reason than of thanksgiving and it should always be centrally focused on his greatness, his holiness, his goodness and kindness. Not our experience or feelings.

It’s about him doing it for us. Not us deserving it. it’s about how awesome he is not how awesome we are. We only love him because he first loved us.

One thing that has weighed heavy on my heart is where does this music lead. If I am playing this music I am directly funding the place that it comes from. Who am I funding? If there are well known issues with places that call themselves churches I don’t want anything to do with them. I don’t want to fund them and I don’t want to lead anyone to them. I will tell you what there are huge problems with a lot of these places the so called churches and people dismiss them because their music or message makes them feel good. Because there is SOME truth in there. Was there some truth in the scripture that Satan quoted to Jesus? Yes it was just distorted and misused. We are supposed to be diligent in who we follow or listen to. We are supposed to care enough to look into them and look at the harsh things being said so we can weigh them against scripture and see is this true? If people are misusing scripture there is a problem. We cannot look at a person and think they fear the Lord if they don’t take what he said seriously.

So many people say don’t throw the baby out with the bath water or chew the meat spit out the bones. I think those are pretty dangerous things to say when it comes to theological truth. The Bible never says if someone speaks mostly right listen to them. No we are to mark and avoid those who don’t accurately teach God’s word. We are to guard it like a treasure. It should not be allowed to be twisted. Or misused.

I think it is awfully prideful and arrogant to think that you can listen to someone who speaks some truth though you know they say things heretical here and there. Where is your high view of God? How are you not angered that the person is speaking wrongly of God and leading people astray? Another thing is how do you view yourself so highly that you think you know enough to not be duped? Do you really think no one could lead you in the wrong direction? How much do you think you know that you are not able to be corrupted when continuously exposing yourself to lies?

We have a problem as humans. We go to what makes us feel good and we gravitate to people who say the things that comfort us. We have tickled our ears with people teaching us about their experiences and giving us a want for more of our own. The God said people who then don’t quote scripture. The you should want more than just what the Bible says people. The we need more. More health, more wealth, more of God. The people who say we can do as God does. We are like God. At what point do you turn and run from them? How many times do you let things slide because you think they know what they meant when in fact you are just excusing them?

Now I am not saying that anyone has every single thing right and that you will find someone you agree with 100 percent on every issue but do they hold the Lord in a high enough regard that his word trumps theirs? Is what they are speaking blatantly disregarding Gods word? Are they just making it say what they want by cherry picking it? These are important questions to ask. How highly do they speak of the Bible? Do you hear more about them or Gods word?

When we look at the amount of professing Christians. The amount of teachers and preachers and “Christian musicians” how can we think that there would be this overflow of solid biblical people when Jesus said narrow is the way to salvation and broad is the road to destruction?

I think I will stop here for now. Just a few things to think about when it comes to worshiping our holy maker.

I love you guys. I pray that you just think about what I am saying.


By Take me to Eternity

I am a God fearing mother of two. A wife to a wonderful husband. A crafter of junk. A baker. And anything the LORD puts in my path.

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