Being a Light

Hello there friends,

I want to talk today about a topic that is a serious topic. Something that I was reminded of myself and I think that we all need to pay more attention to. The topic is what do we show the world? When we talk to one person or to many, when we speak to people in what we consider a ministry or just one on one.

We learn truth from God’s word . As we sit in it and ponder it, meditate on it and adapt ourselves to what it says. It changes us and guides us into how we are to be and live and what we are to look like and sound like. The Holy Spirit convicts us of wrong and sometimes its at a different pace than others because he knows the things that we need to change and the order that would work the best for us. And sometimes he uses a fellow believers voice to remind us.

One thing the word of God teaches us is that we are an example to others of who God is. That is a pretty hefty weight. An all the time thing. You can’t just take it off and hang it on a shelf. Unfortunately our flesh comes out even when we try to be the godly person that God created us to be. That is one of the wonderful things about God, he doesn’t expect perfection from us. He just expects active obedience. The ability to be corrected even if that happens over and over again. He wants our love and devotion but not our perfection. That is why he sent his son to die on our behalf. I say often I am so glad it isn’t up to me to save myself. I would fail every time.

We are called to be a light to others. That means we show the world Jesus to our best abilities. That means knowing that we are wearing his name when we claim to be Christians and that the world is watching. It’s hard when you are scrutinized by the world. Or even other believers, but I think that is how God shapes us. Reminds us to keep our eyes on him and not get caught up in the flesh. Every interaction matters. No matter how small or who its with.

How are we to show Jesus to the world if we look just like the world and not Jesus? That is a hard thing to do. To be expected of. I am just so glad that God is merciful and gives us grace everyday. I pray that others see the grace from me and not just the harshness.

Being someone who speaks a lot about the Bible and what it says to be right and wrong there is a different standard put on me than some. I fail often to live up to mans standard although I do try to shine God’s light to the world often times my voice is heard instead. God says we are accountable for every word we say. So the reminder to speak in a manner worthy of the Lord sometimes hurts but is absolutely needed. Hence the reason for fellowship and accountability. We need brothers and sisters in Christ to stand up and speak truth even when its hard.

Every word we say can either look like Jesus or look like the world. The more we are in the word and less in the world the more we are shaped to look like Jesus. I pray that I continue to be refined to look more like my Lord everyday. I pray that I continue to be bold about speaking about him and that his word penetrates to the depths of my being and silences the fleshly part of me till it can’t be heard any longer.

Our goal in this life is to Honor and Glorify God. We can’t do that when we hold onto ourselves and look like the world around us. We are made to look different and that takes intention. It takes a constant self control. It takes a heart full of God’s word and a submission to his will. We need to fear him enough to not forget in everything he is with us and listening. Love him enough to care what he thinks. And love others enough to put the effort in to shine his light even when its people who we have a hard time with.

Hope y’all have a blessed day

Love You all,


By Take me to Eternity

I am a God fearing mother of two. A wife to a wonderful husband. A crafter of junk. A baker. And anything the LORD puts in my path.

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